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It’s HEALTH Magazine’s “Happiness Secret”

Thank you Health magazine for the mention of Bright Side Up in this month’s issue! Editor-in-Chief Ellen Kunes featured the book on her editor’s letter for the April 2012 issue, calling it “My Happiness Secret.” Funny, it just happens to be mine, too! Amy

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FIRST Magazine Recommends BRIGHT SIDE UP

Here’s the latest magazine to put Bright Side Up on the must-read list for February: First for Women magazine. And let’s be honest, I probably love it more because it’s next to that delicious-looking cupcake. I wish we could get that on, too. Thank you, First! Big love, Amy

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Seeing Bright Side Up on Truth + Fairytales

My friend Nicole Argento wrote a wonderful take on Bright Side Up on her blog Truth + Fairytales — illustrated with a gorgeous collage she made about what she sees when she thinks of living by the book. I think her piece is beautiful and her blog is a happy place full of inspiring, life-affirming stories, […]

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Look at Bright Side Up’s STAR Turn!

Talk about fun…check out the new issue of Star magazine (the February 6, 2012 issue), and you may recognize a couple things. Yes, that’s Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Oh, and yes, Lady Gaga. But who’s that other person featured in the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” story? Oh right…that’s me! I’m just mingling with the stars […]

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O Magazine Loves Bright Side Up!

Great news! Check out the February 2012 issue of O Magazine and you’ll see that Bright Side Up made #3 on Oprah’s list of “10 Titles to Pick Up Now.” I think you should take her advice, don’t you? Pre-order a copy of Bright Side Up on, or find one on bookshelves near you […]

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