Psychology Today Says Bright Side Up Reveals the Secret to Happiness. (That’s true…it does!)

If I could hug a review of a book, I would hug this one. A big bear hug.

Judy Dutton, who writes the Brain Candy blog at Psychology Today wrote about Bright Side Up on her blog for the magazine. And I think it’s a wonderful summary of the essence of the book.

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As Judy writes,

“Thanks to the brain’s ‘neuroplasticity,’ Spencer argues that we can rewire our brain to think more positively—then she gives plenty of concrete ways to give it a whirl . . . Spencer also provides plenty of stories from her own life—some hilarious, others heart wrenching—that illustrate how this advice has helped her through her harder moments, and her warm, engaging tone will make you feel like you’ve got a new best friend in your corner, cheering you on. If you need a little boost—and who doesn’t?—this book is filled with easy, actionable advice, and is fun reading to boot.” —Judy Dutton, Psychology Today

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So how about it: The secret to happiness is out. Let’s all start living Bright Side Up!

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