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One of Oprah’s 17 Books to Watch For In February… just released their list of books to grab this month. And you can find Bright Side Up at the lucky seven spot. Thanks!

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you can get the book on Check out all the great book recommendations here:


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More Bright Side Up Love Takes SHAPE

I have some more Bright Side Up love to share, from a very fit source: The February 2012 issue of Shape magazine.

“Want to be more optimistic?” the magazine’s editor, Tara Kraft asks on her editor’s page featuring her favorite picks of the month. “Place this engaging new book on your reading list.”

Sounds like she’s one who knows.

Thank you, Shape magazine!

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Look at Bright Side Up’s STAR Turn!

Talk about fun…check out the new issue of Star magazine (the February 6, 2012 issue), and you may recognize a couple things. Yes, that’s Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Oh, and yes, Lady Gaga. But who’s that other person featured in the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” story? Oh right…that’s me! I’m just mingling with the stars there, doing my best to find the upbeat angle when things go wrong.

As the magazine says, “When life gives you lemons, you need to make lemonade…”

And here’s how the piece looked in the magazine, with the book earning almost half a spread. Talk about getting your bright on. Thank you Star, for loving Bright Side Up!

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Psychology Today Says Bright Side Up Reveals the Secret to Happiness. (That’s true…it does!)

If I could hug a review of a book, I would hug this one. A big bear hug.

Judy Dutton, who writes the Brain Candy blog at Psychology Today wrote about Bright Side Up on her blog for the magazine. And I think it’s a wonderful summary of the essence of the book.

Read the review on

As Judy writes,

“Thanks to the brain’s ‘neuroplasticity,’ Spencer argues that we can rewire our brain to think more positively—then she gives plenty of concrete ways to give it a whirl . . . Spencer also provides plenty of stories from her own life—some hilarious, others heart wrenching—that illustrate how this advice has helped her through her harder moments, and her warm, engaging tone will make you feel like you’ve got a new best friend in your corner, cheering you on. If you need a little boost—and who doesn’t?—this book is filled with easy, actionable advice, and is fun reading to boot.” —Judy Dutton, Psychology Today

Check out more about Bright Side Up on or through other booksellers you love!

So how about it: The secret to happiness is out. Let’s all start living Bright Side Up!

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SELF Magazine Says Get Happy with Bright Side Up!

Another great magazine, another endorsement for Bright Side Up!

Check out the February 2012 issue of Self Magazine. They say, if you want to love your month, pick up Bright Side Up help you do it!

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O Magazine Loves Bright Side Up!

Great news! Check out the February 2012 issue of O Magazine and you’ll see that Bright Side Up made #3 on Oprah’s list of “10 Titles to Pick Up Now.”

I think you should take her advice, don’t you? Pre-order a copy of Bright Side Up on, or find one on bookshelves near you beginning February 7th. Happy reading!

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Hey look, is here!

And I’m so happy you discovered it. The site is dedicated to the super-exciting launch of my second book, Bright Side Up: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now, which you can pre-order today at Please feel free to “noodle around” (as my Dad would say) and discover all the fun parts of the site. Like…

Watch the one-minute book trailer on the homepage—and share it on Facebook or Twitter if you like it! (Just click the “Share” button on the top right at the end of the video or go to the book trailer on YouTube.)

—On the “Look Inside” tab, read some free excerpts straight from the pages of the book before it’s even released.

—Play around with the “When Things Go Wrong” tool if you want to learn how to shift your perspective in some specifically tough areas of your life—just hover over or click on your problem and I’ll tell you which section of the book can help you most!

—If you like the book and want to share it, I’ve attached a Press Kit on the bottom of the “About Amy” page, where you can find the book cover, two shots of little ol’ me, and the press release from the publisher.

—Check out my blog, There, I have a special page devoted to my video tips! Check them out at

—Follow my most recent posts on Twitter (or, if you’re on Twitter, follow me @datingoptimist for my bright side approach to life)

And there’s plenty more.

I hope you like the site. And I hope you love the book.

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